Nourish & Bloom

A 40-Week Intuitive Eating Workshop for Grown-ups Who Already Know What’s Best for Their Own Bodies & Want to Reclaim Their Time, Energy, and Autonomy From Diet Culture

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You’ve tried them all - low-carb, Whole 30, Weight Watchers, Noom, keto, paleo, and a million variations of each. You’ve bought the books. You’ve read the blogs. You’ve subscribed to the apps. You’ve spent your hard-earned money and your limited time & energy on learning the tricks and following the rules. You’ve done all the things that diet culture tells you that you “should” be doing to be thinner, healthier, and happier. And instead of any of those things, it’s just left you feeling like you’re the problem. Because every January you feel like you’re starting the cycle over again.


But what if the problem wasn’t you?

What if thinner ≠ healthier or happier?

What if there was a $72 billion industry profiting off of people feeling exactly like you do?

What if you could break the cycle, get off the diet roller coaster, and reclaim all that money, time & energy?

What if you’ve known what’s best for yourself all along?

This is where Nourish & Bloom comes in.

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Nourish & Bloom is a 40-week workshop based on the Intuitive Eating framework. Together, we’ll use this framework to explore topics related to Intuitive Eating, the system of diet culture, cultivating autonomy, and building body respect.


This workshop will include:

  • 40 weekly emails outlining a specific topic, and including actionable assignments & additional resources to help you dig deeper into the week’s topic. 

  • 10 group Q&A/coaching calls lasting 90-120 minutes, where you can get your questions answered and individual feedback to help you apply these principles to your own life.

  • Optional Add-On: Monday-Friday Voxer access to me for any additional 1-to-1 support you might need as you move through the workshop. This can be used for anything from specific questions about the content, to sharing anti-diet memes that make you laugh, to anything in between. Whatever support looks like for you!

Note: You’re an adult with a life, so everything here is optional! The assignments & additional resources are not “homework,” and you’ll be able to make progress based solely on the contents of the weekly emails. The calls will all be recorded and sent out to you, so you won’t miss out if you can’t make them live.

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  • The program will begin with your first email on Monday, January 3, 2022, and you’ll receive your subsequent emails each Monday after that for the duration of the workshop. 

  • Group calls will take place every 4 weeks. Exact call days and times will be determined by a poll of the group.

  • The group calls will all be recorded, so if you can’t make them live, you can send in your questions in advance and watch the recordings.

  • The values of this space are as follows: All bodies are good bodies. Black & NBIPOC lives matter, always. Health is not an obligation (but it is achievable at any size). LGBTQIA+ rights are human rights. No human is illegal. Diet culture is an extension of the patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism. This workshop is open to anyone who identifies as a woman, and aligns with these values. 

  • Upon joining the waitlist, you’ll get a welcome email. Then, on Monday, November 22, 2021, you'll begin receiving information about how to enroll for the 2022 cohort. And, if you choose to enroll, you'll get a FREE 60-minute 1:1 coaching call with me, to be scheduled any time during the course of the workshop!

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This workshop is for you if:

  • You’re brand new to Intuitive Eating, and you want to learn more in a supportive environment.

  • You’re familiar with Intuitive Eating (maybe you’ve read the book, or even done the workbook), and you’d like a container to dig deeper into how to apply the principles to your own life.

  • You’re sick of dieting & food rules.

  • You’re tired of feeling like meals are a battlefield.

  • You’re fed up with dieting promises that never come true.

  • You’re exhausted with being preoccupied by food & out of time and energy to spend on thinking about it.

  • You’re afraid of feeling hungry, but also scared of eating.

  • You’re frustrated with feeling like you hate your body & are constantly fighting it.

  • You’re disillusioned with the system of diet culture & the shame, manipulation, and harm it comes with.

  • You’re looking for a way to reconnect with your body & rebuild trust in yourself.

  • You’re ready to try a different way of relating to food & your body that’s based in compassion, autonomy, and kindness.

This workshop is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for a weight loss program, meal plans, or specific nutrition counseling. 

  • You have an active eating disorder.

  • You have a medical condition that requires nutrition therapy.

  • You’re looking for a step-by-step solution. This workshop is based around the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating, but it is not a one-size-fits-all formula. Autonomy is the keystone of this workshop, and only you know how these principles apply to your own life and your own body. My role is to provide you with guidance, support, and a framework for reconnecting with your own needs and intuition. You’ll learn how to trust yourself to be the expert on you, rather than learning a new set of external rules to follow. 

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(The 40-Week Syllabus):

*Note: This curriculum is subject to some change depending on the needs of the group.*


  • Module 1: Reject the Diet Mentality

    • Week 1: Why Give up Dieting?

    • Week 2: What is Diet Culture?

    • Week 3: Diet Culture & Self Trust

    • Week 4: How to Tell if You’re Still Dieting

  • Module 2: Honor Your Hunger

    • Week 5: Dieting & Hunger

    • Week 6: What is Interoceptive Awareness?

    • Week 7: Tuning In to Your Hunger

    • Week 8: Barriers to Honoring Hunger

  • Module 3: Challenge the Food Police

    • Week 9: Identifying Your Beliefs About Food

    • Week 10: Talking Back to Your Inner Food Police

    • Week 11: Identifying Food Rules & Outside Food Police

    • Week 12: Reframing Rules & Setting Boundaries

  • Module 4: Make Peace With Food

    • Week 13: Unconditional Permission & Health

    • Week 14: What Are You Currently Restricting?

    • Week 15: What are Your Food Fears?

    • Week 16: Practices for Making Peace With Food

  • Module 5: Discover the Satisfaction Factor

    • Week 17: Why Does Pleasure Matter?

    • Week 18: What Do You Actually Like?

    • Week 19: Finding Satisfaction in Your Environment

    • Week 20: Satisfaction Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

  • Module 6: Feel Your Fullness

    • Week 21: Why Hunger & Satisfaction Matter More Than Fullness

    • Week 22: Tuning In to Your Fullness

    • Week 23: What If I Eat Past Fullness?

    • Week 24: Fear of Fullness & Fatness

  • Module 7: Cope With Your Emotions With Kindness

    • Week 25: Emotional Eating, Dieting, and Fatphobia

    • Week 26: Is It Emotional Eating or Hunger?

    • Week 27: Identifying Feelings & Unmet Needs

    • Week 28: Emotional Eating & Self-Care

  • Module 8: Respect Your Body

    • Week 29: It’s OK Not to Love Your Body

    • Week 30: Negative Self-Talk

    • Week 31: Comparison, Representation & Body Hierarchies

    • Week 32: Practicing Body Respect

  • Module 9: Joyful Movement

    • Week 33: Why Disconnect Movement from Weight Loss?

    • Week 34: What Is Joyful Movement?

    • Week 35: What If Movement Isn’t Joyful?

    • Week 36: Redefining What “Works”

  • Module 10: Gentle Nutrition

    • Week 37: How Nutrition Can Become a Diet

    • Week 38: What Is Authentic Health?

    • Week 39: Making Food Choices

    • Week 40: What It Means to Be an Intuitive Eater

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This workshop was designed with accessibility in mind, and the pricing & payment plans below reflect that.

If these payment plans don't work for you, I'm happy to offer extended payment plans to fit your budget.


Additionally, to increase accessibility, I am offering two free scholarship spots in this cohort to folks with marginalized identities, or those in financial need.


If you'd like to claim a scholarship spot or arrange an extended payment plan (no questions asked),

please email

Nourish & Bloom


  • 40 weekly emails​

  • 10 90-120 minute group Q&A/coaching calls

Payment Options:

  • $750 paid in full

  • 10 payments of $75

  • 12 payments of $62.50

Nourish & Bloom Elevated


  • 40 weekly emails​

  • 10 90-120 minute group Q&A/coaching calls

  • Unlimited 1:1 Voxer support, M-F, 9am-5pm Eastern

Payment Options:

  • $950 paid in full

  • 10 payments of $95

  • 12 payments of $79.16

Enrollment for the 2022 cohort will begin at the end of November 2021! In the meantime, click below to join the waitlist to be the first to know when spots open up, and to get access to special bonuses!