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A 40-Week

Intuitive Eating Workshop for Free-Thinking

Grown-Ups Who Want to

Reject Diet Culture & Cultivate Resilience

On some level, you already know that diets don’t work.

You’ve bought the books. You’ve read the blogs. You’ve subscribed to the apps. You’ve spent your hard-earned money and your limited time & energy on learning the tricks and following the rules.


You’ve done all the things that diet culture tells you that you should be doing to “live your best life”... but you’re no better off than when you started.

You’re ready to try something different, but what does that even look like when diets are all you know?

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If you’re ready to uncover what it actually looks and feels like to truly live your best life, click below to
join  the waitlist for the Nourish & Bloom Spring 2024   cohort!

You're not the problem.
Diet culture is.

There’s a $72 billion industry that relies on the fact that diets don’t work, and the likelihood that you’ll blame yourself for it.


The bad news? We can’t escape it. It’s so ingrained in our culture and our everyday lives that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


Which is why it makes sense that no matter how badly you’ve wanted to break free from dieting for good, it’s felt extremely difficult or nearly impossible to achieve—especially when everyone around you seems to be constantly dieting, body checking, or subscribing to what the media tells us.

The good news?
Just because we can’t escape it, doesn’t mean we have to participate in it.

The Intuitive Eating framework allows us to build the tools and cultivate the necessary skills to reject diet culture and to be resilient to its narratives.


But even if we intellectually know about the Intuitive Eating framework, that doesn’t always mean that we believe it applies to ourselves. We can struggle to navigate how to make these transitions and implement this framework into our own lives when going about it solo.


Having someone to support you in implementing the framework in your everyday life can make this shift feel easier to navigate.

Which is why I created….

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Nourish & Bloom

A 40-Week Intuitive Eating Workshop
for Free-Thinking Grown-Ups Who Want to
Reject Diet Culture & Cultivate Resilience

“Seriously, 40 weeks?”

Yep. For real. 40 weeks.


I created Nourish & Bloom because I wanted people to have the opportunity to do deeper Intuitive Eating work without having to do 1:1 coaching, which is often financially inaccessible.


I know there are a million 6, 8, or 12 week Intuitive Eating programs out there, but it's hard to do deeper work in a shorter program.


I want you to have the space to do more nuanced work and have a better opportunity to internalize these concepts without having to pay 1:1 coaching prices.


Nourish & Bloom offers more space (literally and figuratively) to integrate the Intuitive Eating framework into your life, reflect & retool as needed, and have support from me along the way to navigate the transition.

"I really liked the structure of this course. The weekly emails were a great way to incrementally work through each of the Intuitive Eating principles and the monthly meetings helped me to feel engaged in the course. It was nice to have the space to talk through each month's content with Naomi and the others participating in the course."

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About Me

Hey, friend. I’m Naomi Katz (she/her), an Intuitive Eating, body image, & self-trust coach for grown-ups who already know what’s best for their own  bodies. I support and hold space for folks who are ready to reject diet culture so they can reclaim their autonomy and consent over their mind, body, and life.


While Intuitive Eating is absolutely about healing your relationship with food, learning how to honor your body’s wants and needs, and unlearning the toxic “truths” we’ve been told to believe by diet culture and the fitness industry, it’s about so much more, too.


Rather than zooming in on the nutrition side of Intuitive Eating, my clients and I focus much of our time and attention on the mindset piece—holding conversations about self-trust, body image, what they value in their everyday lives, how diet culture robs us of these things, and how to navigate the process of rejecting and unlearning.

I trust you as the one and only expert in your body. Your lived experiences are your truth, and I will never tell you otherwise. Everyone's Intuitive Eating journey will look and feel different. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to this work.


As your coach, I promise to hold a brave space for you to come as you are and honor yourself and the process for what it is—approaching any discomfort and other big feelings from a place of curiosity, kindness, and self-compassion. 


To support you along this journey is not something I take lightly, and I’d be honored to be your partner in this work.

You can learn more about me and my coaching values here.

Here's what you'll get inside
Nourish & Bloom...

In a small-group environment, we will explore & apply topics related to Intuitive Eating, the system of diet culture, cultivating autonomy, and building body respect.

The workshop includes:

  • 40 weekly emails outlining a specific topic, and including actionable assignments & additional resources to help you dig deeper into the week’s topic. 


  • 10 group Q&A/coaching calls lasting 90-120 minutes, where you can get your questions answered and individual feedback to help you apply these principles to your own life.

  • 10 sets of journal prompts written by Kelly Cutchin of Casual Magic Writing to support you in your unpacking and unlearning process


  • Online group community hosted via The Mighty Network to share your experiences and support each other through this work.


Note: You’re an adult with a life, so everything here is optional! The assignments & additional resources are not “homework,” and you’ll be able to make progress based solely on the contents of the weekly emails. The calls will all be recorded and sent out to you, so you won’t miss out if you can’t make them live.

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The 40-Week

Nourish & Bloom


And for more support...
Nourish & Bloom

Nourish & Bloom Elevated gives you unlimited 1:1 access to me via the Voxer messaging app Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Eastern.

Groups are great, but sometimes we want more individualized support as we do this work.

In this space you can receive personalized feedback and support in your Intuitive Eating journey.


You can use Voxer for anything from asking specific questions about the content, to sharing anti-diet memes that make you laugh, to complaining about diet culture experiences, to anything in between. You can use it as much or as little as you want.

This is all about customizing what support looks like for you!

"Naomi is thoughtful and her compassion for helping people work through the content carried through the entire 40-week program. She's engaging and approachable and I felt safe sharing my thoughts and topics I was struggling with or working to better understand."

Nourish & Bloom is for you if you are....

  • Brand new to Intuitive Eating & you want to learn more in a supportive environment.

  • Familiar with Intuitive Eating (maybe you’ve read the book, or even done the workbook) & you’d like a container to dig deeper into how to apply the principles to your own life.

  • Sick of dieting & food rules.

  • Tired of feeling like meals are a battlefield.

  • Fed up with dieting promises that never come true.

  • Frustrated with feeling like you hate your body & are constantly fighting it.

  • Disillusioned with the system of diet culture & the shame, manipulation, and harm it comes with.

  • Looking for a way to reconnect with your body & rebuild trust in yourself.

  • Ready to try a different way of relating to food & your body that’s based in compassion, autonomy, and kindness.

Nourish & Bloom is
not for you if you are....

  • Looking for a weight loss program, meal plans, or specific nutrition counseling. 

  • Have an active eating disorder.

  • Have a medical condition that requires nutrition therapy.

  • Looking for a step-by-step solution. This workshop is based around the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating, but it is not a one-size-fits-all formula. Autonomy is the keystone of this workshop, and only you know how these principles apply to your own life and your own body. My role is to provide you with guidance, support, and a framework for reconnecting with your own needs and intuition. You’ll learn how to trust yourself to be the expert on you, rather than learning a new set of external rules to follow. 

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Nourish & Bloom

A 40-Week Intuitive Eating Workshop
for Free-Thinking Grown-Ups Who Want to
Reject Diet Culture & Cultivate Resilience

What else should you know?

  • You’ll receive weekly emails each Monday for the duration of the workshop. 


  • Group calls will take place every 4 weeks. Exact call days and times will be determined by a poll of the group.


  • The group calls will all be recorded, so if you can’t make them live, you can send in your questions in advance and watch the recordings.


  • The values of this space are as follows: All bodies are good bodies. Black & NBIPOC lives matter, always. Health is not an obligation (but it is achievable at any size). LGBTQIA+ rights are human rights. No human is illegal. Diet culture is an extension of the patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism. This workshop is open to anyone who identifies as a woman, and aligns with these values. 


  • If you choose to enroll when doors open in the fall, within 24 hours of enrollment, you’ll get a welcome email. Then, a couple of days prior to the beginning of the program, I’ll send you an email with additional information, as well as a poll to determine the scheduling of our group calls.

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Pricing Details

This workshop was designed with accessibility in mind, and the pricing & payment plans below reflect that.

If these payment plans don't work for you, I'm happy to offer extended payment plans to fit your budget.


Additionally, to increase accessibility, I am offering two free scholarship spots in this cohort to folks with marginalized identities, or those in financial need.


If you'd like to claim a scholarship spot or arrange an extended payment plan (no questions asked),

please email  

  • Includes:

    • 40 weekly emails

    • 10 90-120 minute group Q&A/coaching calls

    • Online group community via The Mighty Network

  • Payment Options:

    • $750 paid in full

    • 10 payments of $75

    • 12 payments of $62.50

Nourish & Bloom

Nourish & Bloom

  • Includes:

    • 40 weekly emails

    • 10 90-120 minute group Q&A/coaching calls

    • Online group community via The Mighty Network

    • Unlimited 1:1 Voxer support, M-F, 9am-5pm Eastern

  • Payment Options:

    • $950 paid in full

    • 10 payments of $95

    • 12 payments of $79.16


Due to the nature of this virtual training, no refunds will be offered. I have put a great deal of time, effort, and experience into creating this content, and I am confident you will walk away with more knowledge and applicable skills over the course of the workshop. If you have any concerns or extenuating circumstances, please contact me once you are enrolled.

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"I just leveled up. I've been trying to access some of this stuff for a while and a door just opened for me."

By the end of our 40 weeks together, you'll be able to...

Recognize and honor your needs.

Diet culture teaches us that our needs are problematic, and that we should suppress or ignore them. Within Nourish & Bloom, you'll learn to recognize that your needs are valid, and that you deserve to honor them. And when we're talking about needs, we're not just talking about food (though that is definitely an important one). We're also talking about emotional needs, social needs, mental needs, and spiritual needs. We're talking about boundaries, and sleep, and support, and medical care, and sex, and love, and all the things.

Let go of perfection.

Diet culture makes us believe that there is some perfect way to eat, way to exercise, or way to look that will solve all of our problems, and that it would be achievable if we just worked hard enough. Within Nourish & Bloom, you'll learn that there's no such thing as perfection. It's all just a construct to keep us distracted, and to keep us blaming ourselves for our problems instead of the systems creating them.

Trust yourself.

Diet culture makes us believe that we can't be trusted to make choices for ourselves. Within Nourish & Bloom, you'll learn that your are actually trustworthy. Your body can be trusted. Your mind can be trusted. Your emotions can be trusted.


Think critically.

Diet culture can make us obedient to rules and willing to follow without question. Within Nourish & Bloom, you'll learn to question everything. You'll learn to examine what values and systems the rules are upholding. You'll learn to look more deeply at the sources of our information, and at who's benefitting from our beliefs and behaviors. You'll learn that claims of authority that bypass our lived experiences are invalid. And you'll learn that one-size-fits-all solutions always cause harm to those they don't fit.

Break out of the black & white.

Diet culture frames the world in black & white, as an either/or scenario. Within Nourish & Bloom, you'll learn to see things as mostly grey, as a both/and. This skill is especially important in our resiliency. Because this workshop won't make diet culture go away. There are going to be times when you're tempted to return to it. There are going to be times when it harms you. AND you can still trust yourself, and honor your needs, and think critically, and make autonomous choices, and let go of perfection.

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Living  your best life never had anything to do with dieting.

These narratives that diet culture has shoved down our throats are seemingly inescapable.

But, there is SO much more to life than dieting.


You can live a life (and even enjoy your life!) without dieting.

Maybe you’re not even sure what exactly that looks like yet, and that’s ok!


Nourish & Bloom is a beautiful space for you to explore what that might be

and learn how to make it happen.

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