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Intuitive Eating | Body Image | Self-Trust


Anti-dieting for free-thinking grown-ups.

Have you ever stopped to think about how deeply ingrained dieting is in our culture, and everyday lives?


It’s not uncommon to feel like everyone is always and forever on a diet, or talking about their diet, or telling you that you should try their diet.


In fact, it’s so common that it feels like something we just… do. That we are required to do.


Diet culture exists everywhere. And it’s not just commercials, Instagram, food packaging, and within our social circle—it’s systemic.

Dieting has perpetuated white supremacy, capitalism, the patriarchy. Our society as it exists today, would not be what it is without diet culture. If it were to be completely dismantled, it would turn our world completely upside down.


If that’s the case, then is dieting really what’s best for us?

Will losing weight actually make us healthier or live more fulfilling lives?

Is shrinking ourselves truly what will make us feel happy & confident in ourselves?


… Or does diet culture exist purely for the system's gain?


If you’ve dieted before, then you’ve likely experienced that diets never really “work” for the long-term… and you may have blamed yourself for it, too.


The truth is, that “successfully” dieting is like “successfully” holding your breath. IT’S TEMPORARY. And if you try to do either one for too long, your body is sure to fight back to get what it really needs: nourishment, protection, enjoyment,  survival.


I want you to know that you’re not wrong or bad if dieting has failed you—or if you’re hungry, use food for emotional support, feel uncomfortable in your body, or believe your worth is tied to the way you look and what you weigh.


These narratives that diet culture has shoved down our throats are seemingly inescapable. But, there is SO much more to life than dieting. You can live a life (and even enjoy your life!) without diets.


Yes, really.

Working with Naomi has helped me clarify my goals & purpose. She helped me through one of the busiest times of my life, guiding me to see that if I don’t prioritize myself, I can’t show up for others in the ways I want. Our talks are cathartic, and her openness has allowed us to develop a partnership that makes me feel strong & empowered. I feel like an active participant in making my life what I want it to be, because Naomi truly listens and responds thoughtfully and truthfully. Her robust knowledge makes her a versatile coach, capable of meeting people where they are, whether they want to build confidence, tune into intuition, make healthier choices with food & exercise, or manage overwhelming emotions & life events.

—  Emily



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