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1:1 Intuitive Eating & Anti-Diet Coaching

If you’re thinking to yourself,

I’m so over dieting…

but now what?

You’re in the right place.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“I see people online rejecting diets, but how can I reject diet culture if everyone in my life is still so deeply ingrained in it?”

“I know that diets aren’t working for me, but I don’t know what to do instead. Do people really just eat without thinking twice about it?”


“I know all bodies are good bodies, and I love Lizzo… but I’m also afraid of gaining weight.”


First of all, your feelings are totally and completely valid. Diet culture is a system designed to create these feelings of disconnection and confusion. That’s how they keep you in that endless diet cycle.


And, I want you to know that there’s another way.

Diet culture isn’t going anywhere —
and, you have permission to exit at any time.

Exiting diet culture isn’t like flipping a switch — it’s not a lifestyle or a mindset you can just turn off.


Maybe you’ve seen people online embracing an anti-diet lifestyle and fat positivity, and that’s something you really admire… but maybe it feels far away from your reality, where all your friends and family are still on diets.


It may not seem like it, but here’s the thing: it wasn’t an overnight process for them, either.


Ditching diet culture is a process of unpacking its roots, unlearning the narratives that raised us, and recognizing the systems of oppression behind it.


It’s never going to be an easy process, but having support can make it easier.


That’s what I’m here for.

"Challenging my beliefs around food, self image and fatphobia has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. The process has not been easy, but I am lucky to be doing it with Naomi by my side. Naomi has been a beacon of support and wisdom to a world I never knew existed. She is always available to offer support and guidance, and I have never felt alone on this journey."


Naomi Square.jpg

About Me

Hey, friend. I’m Naomi Katz (she/her), an Intuitive Eating, body image, & self-trust coach for grown-ups who already know what’s best for their own  bodies. I support and hold space for folks who are ready to reject diet culture so they can reclaim their autonomy and consent over their mind, body, and life.


While Intuitive Eating is absolutely about healing your relationship with food, learning how to honor your body’s wants and needs, and unlearning the toxic “truths” we’ve been told to believe by diet culture and the fitness industry, it’s about so much more, too.


Rather than zooming in on the nutrition side of Intuitive Eating, my clients and I focus much of our time and attention on the mindset piece—holding conversations about self-trust, body image, what they value in their everyday lives, how diet culture robs us of these things, and how to navigate the process of rejecting and unlearning.

Everyone's Intuitive Eating journey will look and feel different. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to this work. I trust you as the one and only expert in your body. Your lived experiences are your truth, and I will never tell you otherwise.

As your coach, I’m here to support you with tools & guidance so you can walk away with the ability to...

Think Critically.

Diet culture can make us obedient to rules and willing to follow without question. Here, you'll learn to question everything. You'll learn to examine what values and systems the rules are upholding. You'll learn to look more deeply at the sources of our information, and at who's benefitting from our beliefs and behaviors. You'll learn that claims of authority that bypass our lived experiences are invalid. And you'll learn that one-size-fits-all solutions always cause harm to those they don't fit.

Recognize and honor your needs.

Diet culture teaches us that our needs are problematic, and that we should suppress or ignore them. Here, you'll learn to recognize that your needs are valid, and that you deserve to honor them. And when we're talking about needs, we're not just talking about food (though that is definitely an important one). We're also talking about emotional needs, social needs, mental needs, and spiritual needs. We're talking about boundaries, and sleep, and support, and medical care, and sex, and love, and all the things.

Trust yourself.

Diet culture makes us believe that we can't be trusted to make choices for ourselves. Here, you'll learn that your are actually trustworthy. Your body can be trusted. Your mind can be trusted. Your emotions can be trusted.

Let go of perfection.

Diet culture makes us believe that there is some perfect way to eat, way to exercise, or way to look that will solve all of our problems, and that it would be achievable if we just worked hard enough. Here, you'll learn that there's no such thing as perfection. It's all just a construct to keep us distracted, and to keep us blaming ourselves for our problems instead of the systems creating them.

Break out of the black & white.

Diet culture frames the world in black & white, as an either/or scenario. Here, you'll learn to see things as mostly grey, as a both/and. This skill is especially important in building up our resiliency to diet culture. Because our work together won't make diet culture go away. There are going to be times when you're tempted to return to it. There are going to be times when it harms you. AND you can still trust yourself, and honor your needs, and think critically, and make autonomous choices, and let go of perfection.

Here's what you'll get inside each coaching package:

Weekly 45-60 minute Zoom coaching call

Voxer messaging access M-F, 9-5 ET

Copies of

the Intuitive Eating Workbook by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch and

the Your Body Is Not An Apology Workbook by Sonya Renee Taylor

Access to

Nourish & Bloom monthly group calls, written content, and online space

Packages & Pricing

3 Month Package

Best for:

Someone who's brand new to coaching relationships in general and the anti-diet or Intuitive Eating space & unsure if this is right for them; don’t want to commit right away to longer engagement​

Someone who’s very comfortable with the coaching dynamic and well-versed in the anti-diet  and Intuitive Eating space; who has maybe been out of support for a bit & looking to refresh or deepen their practices


Pay in up to 6 monthly installments

6 Month Package

Best for:

Someone who’s worked with some type of coach before but is new to the anti-diet and Intuitive Eating space

Someone who has no coaching experience, but is familiar with the anti-diet and Intuitive Eating space


Pay in up to 12 monthly installments

12 Month Package

(most common package)

Best for:

Someone who already knows they are ready to commit to the anti-diet and Intuitive Eating approach as a lifelong process

Someone seeking support & guidance to internalize anti-diet and Intuitive Eating concepts & to implement and integrate them into their lives in real time


Pay in up to 18 monthly installments

"My biggest change is my willingness to challenge diet culture when I see it, especially with my family. I love that I feel confident in speaking out about how damaging it is! Emotionally, I feel so much less guilt and shame around food. It's been so freeing to have that relief/release."


How It Works...


Fill out the application (~5 min.) At the end of the application, you’ll be prompted to schedule a 15-min discovery call with me to expand on your application, ask me any questions you have about the process, and for us to feel out if we’re the right fit.

This is not a sales call, and you’re not obligated to make any decisions right away. I honor your process!


If you want to move forward, I’ll send you an onboarding email with all the info you’ll need to get started, like setting up a payment plan, coaching contract, scheduling, etc. Once you’re onboarded, I’ll ship your workbooks to you!


Complete the Intuitive Eating Assessment. Before Call 1, you’ll complete the Intuitive Eating Assessment at the beginning of the Intuitive Eating Workbook (if mail is delayed, no worries — I’ll email the assessment to you!) We’ll use our first call to talk through your answers on this assessment and set our focus for our time together. There’s always wiggle room here, you have permission to make shifts at any time.


You are the guide. We work thru the Intuitive Eating Framework, and we use the framework to dig into higher-level concepts wrapped up in diet culture & body image BEYOND Intuitive Eating. But ultimately, you are the guide in determining where we go next & our areas of focus

And just so we’re clear, here are the values you can expect inside our 1:1 coaching space:

Autonomy & consent.

These two things are non-negotiables, not only in the coaching environment, but also in your everyday life. Everyone has the absolute right to autonomy over their own bodies. Diet culture robs us of our autonomy and our consent, because we’re handing off power, control, and expertise in our bodies to someone or something else, rather than listening to what our minds & bodies actually want and need from us. Dismantling diet culture is a step toward reclaiming our autonomy and consent over ourselves.

“Personal responsibility” is bullshit.

Health is not a personal responsibility—it’s a product of systems of white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism. To perpetuate the narrative that everyone is solely responsible for their own health and well-being, without any outside factors being of influence, is bypassing people’s level of privilege, lived experiences, and trauma.

We’re a team, but you’re the boss.

As your coach, I’m here to support and hold space for you through the mindset work we’ll be focusing on surrounding Intuitive Eating, body image, and self-trust—offering gentle guidance, advice, and suggestions along the way. But ultimately, YOU are the expert in yourself. I want you to honor your own wants, needs, and life, whether or not the suggestions I provide fit into that.

If these values align with yours & you’re feeling called to work together…

"The more I learn about where these societal norms have come from or why the medical establishment is determined to shrink bodies, the more I see how ridiculous it is, and the more I can let go of my own beliefs. In short, I see that the path of shrinking my body is no longer in line with what I'm committed to in my own life."


Supporting you along this journey is not something I take lightly, and I’d be honored to be your partner in this work.


As your coach, I promise to hold a brave space for you to come as you are and honor yourself and the process for what it is—approaching any discomfort and other big feelings from a place of curiosity, kindness, and self-compassion. 


Ready to take the first step in breaking away from the diet cycle?

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