Let's Get to Work!

Are you...

  • Sick of dieting & rules about eating?

  • Tired of feeling like meals are a battlefield?

  • Fed up with dieting promises that never come true?

  • Exhausted by being preoccupied by food & out of time and energy to spend on thinking about it?

  • Afraid of feeling hungry, but also scared of eating?

  • Frustrated with feeling like you hate your body & are constantly fighting it?

  • Ready to try a different way of relating to food & your body that’s based in compassion, autonomy, & kindness?

As a certified Intuitive Eating Lay Facilitator, I can guide you through the process of healing your relationship with food, learning to actually enjoy food again, ending the meal-time battle mentality, improving self-esteem & body image, improving self-trust, improving confidence, and getting off the diet rollercoaster for good.


Individually tailored coaching will include:

  • Weekly 45-minute coaching call

  • Worksheets/homework to be completed on your own time as needed

  • Email support from me

  • Copy of The Intuitive Eating Workbook by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch to assist in the coaching process.

This 12-week DIY course is all about building confidence from the inside out, taking control of our lives, feeling more comfortable in our own skin, and realizing that our value goes far beyond our beauty!

I've based this course on the principle that our relationship with ourselves should be our healthiest relationship. The course follows the path of any good relationship: first we build knowledge, then we build trust, then we gain acceptance. There are three 4-week sections, each with a text and video lesson, and each with tasks - called #BeautySchoolDropoutGoals - to help you explore the week’s topic further.

The More Than Beauty School DIY Course offers the flexibility of working through the course at your own pace, and includes lifetime access to the course materials​.

Interested in the course, but feel like you want more tailored, individual coaching, too? Send me an email at naomi@happyshapes.co to discuss adding on some 1-to-1 coaching to help guide you through the materials!

Mindset Reset coaching calls are:

  • One-time

  • Pay-what-you-can

  • 30-45 minutes long

These calls are meant to help you address a specific struggle that you can't see your way out of right now...


Maybe you've noticed an uptick in negative body thoughts. Maybe you're having the sudden urge to start restricting food. Maybe you're feeling the temptation to pursue an exercise routine that doesn't really serve you. Or maybe you're finding yourself second-guessing your choices a lot more often...

You don't need or want a 12-week program or a long-term 1:1 coaching relationship. You just need fresh eyes on your situation to get unstuck.

In each Mindset Reset call, we'll do 3 specific things:

  • Recognize the Context

  • Reframe the Problem

  • Reset Goals

You'll walk away from your call with a fresh outlook on your struggle and a clear path to change!

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