Let's Get to Work!

Are you...

  • Sick of dieting & rules about eating?

  • Tired of feeling like meals are a battlefield?

  • Fed up with dieting promises that never come true?

  • Exhausted by being preoccupied by food & out of time and energy to spend on thinking about it?

  • Afraid of feeling hungry, but also scared of eating?

  • Frustrated with feeling like you hate your body & are constantly fighting it?

  • Ready to try a different way of relating to food & your body that’s based in compassion, autonomy, & kindness?

As a certified Intuitive Eating Lay Facilitator, I can guide you through the process of healing your relationship with food, learning to actually enjoy food again, ending the meal-time battle mentality, improving self-esteem & body image, improving self-trust, improving confidence, and getting off the diet rollercoaster for good.


Individually tailored coaching will include:

  • Weekly 45-60 minute coaching call

  • Worksheets/homework to be completed on your own time as needed

  • M-F Voxer and/or email support from me

  • Copy of The Intuitive Eating Workbook by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch to assist in the coaching process.

Note: Accessibility is important to me, so equity pricing & scholarship spots are available for those in financial need or holding marginalized identities. Simply fill out the application below & indicate at the bottom of the form that you'd like to discuss these options.


Nourish & Bloom is a 40-Week Group Intuitive Eating Workshop for grown-ups who already know what’s best for their own bodies & want to reclaim their time, energy, and autonomy from diet culture.

Together, we’ll use the Intuitive Eating framework to explore topics related to our relationship to food, the system of diet culture, cultivating autonomy, and building body respect. This workshop will include:

  • 40 weekly emails outlining a specific topic, and including actionable assignments & additional resources to help you dig deeper. 

  • 10 group Q&A/coaching calls lasting 90-120 minutes, where you can get your questions answered and individual feedback to help you apply these principles to your own life.

  • Optional Add-On: Monday-Friday Voxer access to me for any additional 1-to-1 support you might need as you move through the workshop. This can be used for anything from specific questions about the content, to sharing anti-diet memes that make you laugh, to anything in between. Whatever support looks like for you!

  • Note: You’re an adult with a life, so everything here is optional! The assignments & additional resources are not “homework,” and you’ll be able to make progress based solely on the contents of the weekly emails. The calls will all be recorded and sent out to you, so you won’t miss out if you can’t make them live.

Nourish & Bloom is closed for 2021, but will reopen for the 2022 cohort. Click the button below to be added to the waitlist & be the first to know when it reopens!

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Mindset Reset coaching calls are:

  • One-time

  • Pay-what-you-can

  • 45-60 minutes long

These calls are meant to help you address a specific struggle that you can't see your way out of right now...


Maybe you've noticed an uptick in negative body thoughts. Maybe you're having the sudden urge to start restricting food. Maybe you're feeling the temptation to pursue an exercise routine that doesn't really serve you. Or maybe you're finding yourself second-guessing your choices a lot more often...

You don't need or want a long-term 1:1 coaching relationship. You just need fresh eyes on your situation to get unstuck.

In each Mindset Reset call, we'll do 3 specific things:

  • Recognize the Context

  • Reframe the Problem

  • Reset Goals

You'll walk away from your call with a fresh outlook on your struggle and a clear path to change!

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Want to work together, but none of these options fit your needs? No problem!

Just email naomi@happyshapes.co to discuss custom coaching or consulting options.